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Chris Kasprzyk




is a polish saxophonist living in Vienna.
After studying classical saxophone in Krakow, he moved to Graz, Austria in the year 2000 to study at the Institute for Jazz of the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz (Dr. Karl- Böhm Scholarship 2002) and from 2003 at the University of Music in Vienna . Since then he has been working intensively on mainly improvised music and sound research.

He plays with numerous Austrian and international musicians of the jazz and improvised music scene, also works as a session musician with artists from hip-hop and singer-songwriter circles.

As a leader, he has recorded albums with the trio 'Public Exposure' (Martin Burk (D) and Alex Yannilos (AT) and a series of piano duets with Sylvia Bruckner (AT) that can be heard on digital platforms.

“Reeds and keys by Chris Kasprzyk is bright and luminous.(…)It forms solid, charming and driving melody. Improviser is showing his virtuosity and expressive playing technique. That’s why his improvisations are so dynamic and moving. Independent and dynamic melodies are filled with trembles, sparkles, glimpsing riffs, aggressive and sharp blow outs, moving solos, hypnotising sequences, special effects and weird tunes. Kasprzyk is always balancing between avant-garde, cool and progressive jazz.” writes

With the Piotr Damasiewicz Viennese Connections, he returns to the always close to his heart sound of jazz of the 60s and 70s, where the composed and conjointly improvised parts have equal importance, and the act of momentary creating and communicating between musicians and audience, the faint, transitory aspect of music is in the main focus.



This section contains main area of Chris's musical interests: improvised, free music, where the experience from all laboriously studied musical styles and genres come together, mingle in perfection of our instincts, undisturbed by boundaries of fashions.

Newest album of duos with formidable Sylvia Bruckner available here

Recent project "Public Exposure"- a trio with Alex Yannilos on drums and Martin Burk on double bass


piotr damasiewicz viennese connections with Chris Kasprzyk

We would like to introduce a new Polish- Austrian quartet led by the trumpeter and composer
Piotr Damasiewicz in cooperation with viennese to the bone, versatile bassist Thomas Stempkowski , jazz and electronica drummer Alex Yannilos and polish Vienna based meticulously passionate saxophonist Krzysztof Kasprzyk.
The music of the quartet is best described as “(…) expressive, free though very rhythmic and melodic, manic at times always lovingly passionate.” It goes back to dear to our hearts sounds of jazz of 60es and 70es where composed and conjointly improvised parts had an equal place and the energy between musicians and listeners during a live performance was the crucial part of a creating process.

A vinyl "Vienna Suite" was released on the 10.10.20. The band plans a tour in clubs and festivals in Austria and Poland.


FILM SCORES+music for podcasts, guided meditations

A 1998 short film “Bez wody” by Carlos Casuski and Tomasz Augustynek; music by Chris Kasprzyk (alto saxophone), Pawel Bylica (cello), Marcin Palka (french horn)




“Full Throttle III” Director – Renger van den Heuvel, Director of Photography – Paul Krimmer, 2014, music by Chris Kasprzyk (reeds, harpsichord, perc. ) recorded live during screening at Tonkino Saalbau, Vienna




Short animated film “Yellow blood” by Kerb-Crawling Eugene IV, 2008, music by Chris Kasprzyk (electronics, reeds)



Music for a podcast “Wurst guy” 2020 , Chris Kasprzyk -composition , electronics, keys



Music for guided meditation nr 21 – 2020 , Chris Kasprzyk – composition, electronics, keys




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